Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 31 - Almost Done!

Bag full everything - lotions, perfumes, boxes, etc.

Broken wagon from the garden and broken bucket

20 year old Range/Oven & Hood

On day 29 I was falling behind, I had added 3 bags in the course of a week, which put me at 25 bags.  The first bag pictured above was a part of my bedroom/bathroom cleaning that was included in those 3 bags. 

Yesterday I spent hours going through my jewelry armoire.  I still need a few more hours to organize and decide what to throw out, give away, and keep.  I have so much jewelry and barely ever go out of my way to change my jewelry around.  Most days I wear the same sterling silver necklace, earrings, and rings.  I love the idea of jewelry but just don't get too many chances these days to dress myself up.  My two boys had a blast dressing themselves in my jewelry though.  While I was trying to organize, I later found thrown beaded necklaces on my bed, their bed, the bathroom, etc.  As soon as I work on one thing, the kids go and make something else for me to work on!  haha  Anyways, so I made a trash bag yesterday of really old jewelry, 2 pairs of sunglasses, and 3 dead watches (all from my armoire) and a box filled with items to sell at the yard sale.  I am counting the bag and the box as 2, as I know that I still have some more to do and will probably fill another bag and more in the box when I finally finish.

Today we switched out our really old stove for a new one, which I am totally counting b/c it was a huge burden, along with our other appliances, that was eating away at our electric bill.  I posted the oven on Craigslist and someone came today and picked it up!  So I am rid of that - 1 bag!  We also took the matching hood down and threw that out b/c we'll be getting an over the oven microwave tomorrow.  Scrap begone - 2 bags!  While we were cleaning the old oven outside, I played with my little garden a bit as well, and that's where I decided to throw away the cute little flower pot wagon I had in my garden.  My husband hated the thing from day one b/c it was, quite frankly, cheaply made.  As you can see in the picture, the bottom of it finally gave way so there wasn't much use for it anymore.  I also found a broken little bucket behind my bush.  So that makes 3 bags! 

In two days, I have totalled 5 bags worth of stuff!  So that puts me at 30 bags in 31 days!  WooHoo!  40 Days is almost here!  I really need to be on my toes now to keep up with the rest of my bags each day! 

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