Thursday, April 7, 2011


So I have been working really hard in my bedroom and bathroom, but just haven't found the time to REALLY wreak havoc enough to get 7 more bags in the last week.  I did clean out my bathroom completely and filled a bag with more old lotions, deoderants, creams, contact cases (seriously can't believe how many we had), cleaning products, and a few washcloths full of the dog hair & gunk I scrubbed off the floor and off of our shower glass doors.  Does anyone else have sliding glass doors in their shower?  They are the most ridiculous things to clean!  I scrub and scrub and the scum still doesn't come off and trying to get the gross mineral residue out of the cracks from the slides at the bottom, top and sides are just near impossible!  I literally spent an hour trying to get every last hint of that yucky brown stuff off of them until I couldn't feel my arms anymore and then my mom went in for a try. 

As for the bedroom, I worked on clearing off my dressers and went through some more clothing to be given away and found some more items for the yard sale.  I have a whole huge bag full of old belts, old hair accessories, old jewelry, old socks, old perfume, old lotions, old burp cloths, old diaper pail bags, and a bunch of jewelry boxes that I would just keep some of my jewelry in and was surprised to find how many of them I could consolidate and didn't need.  There's some other stuff I know I'm forgetting right now as well, but I'll mention when I post the pics.  So all of that organizing led to another bag.

Yesterday I went through my refrigerator/freezer and decided to organize that better.  I had a whole bag of expired foods and leftovers that were tossed to the back to get rid of.  The kicker was by far the container of pumpkin seeds we had saved b/c we thought maybe we could find some recipe where we could use them, and then obviously never did as I found them and thought to myself how long these pumpkin seeds have been there (when do you usually carve pumpkins?).

So I guess I really only have about 3 bags to show for all of that - oh and another bag of stuff for the yard sale, so I'm technically falling behind as we are on day 29.  I need to catch up fast!  Maybe I'll get more time this weekend?  Stay tuned for some pics that I didn't have time to load and hopefully some more bags!

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