Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 2 "The Everything" Closet


So here I am with Day #2, and as I was trying to figure out what to fill my second bag with, I realized that there is another very small space in my house that I forgot about.  It's not a room, but a closet.  It's the front door closet in fact, and I always wondered why on earth would someone build a house with such a small coat closet?  Let me explain why this closet is so messy.  There's no other closet in the whole first level of my house.  There's cabinets in the kitchen of course, and just recently we got a pantry closet that we could attach to our kitchen cabinets, but nowhere else can we throw our shoes, mops, brooms, coats, outdoor stuff, garden utensils, etc.  We live in a townhouse so we don't have a garage.  So, this closet becomes our "throw everything into" closet and it's just too small for that.  My goal is to be able to make enough space in the closet to have a standing rolling tub/bin for my 3 year old son's toys that he can play with when my 1 year old takes his naps.  Things such as car/train tracks and larger puzzles that my youngest always gets into and tears apart.  I also want to be able to fit a bin with shoes in there.  Right now we have a basket outside of the closet around the corner with our shoes.  I'm already realizing that we have way too many coats between the 4 of us, most of which have been hanging in that closet for years.  I wear the same 2 coats, a heavy one when it's really cold and a lighter one when it's not.  I have to let go of some things today.  Hopefully the picture of my closet makes some of you feel better about yours, and you too can attempt this with me.

11:30pm (2 Bags)
So it took me a lot longer to clean this closet b/c I had to come up with ways to organize some things.  I actually went out to Walmart and bought a basket to hold my son's helmets, balls, etc.  I also bought a 2 drawer organizer to hold the miscellaneous garden stuff, ropes, plug extensions, etc on the bottom drawer, and left the top drawer empty so I can fill it with some of my 3 year old's toys, as I explained earlier.  I have 1 large trash bag filled with a few coats and sweatshirts that we never wore that will go to Purple Heart and 1 large trash bag filled with "junk" such as a ripped up kite, silly looking garden things, some broken games, and stuff like that.  I really didn't run into anything that sentimental, other than a HCA sweatshirt that reminded me of where I taught music to such great students before I became a mom and it took my husband a bit to let go of his "snowboard" coat that was 2 sizes too big for him and that he probably would never wear even if he did go skiing (which he hasn't done since we've been married, mostly b/c I don't like to ski).  I also have another bag filled with items that I thought we could save for a garage sale in the near future.

There was a lot of "stuff" that I couldn't get rid of, but that belonged somewhere else, like our storage room or other closets upstairs.  Our bowling balls took up half of the floor but we haven't used them in two years, which does make me a little sad b/c my husband and I used to love bowling together.  So those and several swimming/beach items we decided should be stored away in our storage room.  There were also several sweatshirts and sweaters that really belong in our bedroom closet.  Overall I'm satisfied with the closet and think I did everything I could do to make it look more organized.  I could even fit my diaper bag on top, which I've never had a spot for before.  I am a little disappointed that I couldn't fit our shoes anywhere.  Right now I still have them in a basket, on top of the 2 drawer organizer, which atleast keeps them hidden from visitors and should keep my littlest from pulling shoes out all day.  I will have to come up with a better solution in the long run though for our shoes.  Any suggestions?


  1. How do you deal with Erik's stuff? Do you ask permission before you throw it out/donate it? or do you just do it? Mike has so much clutter that he won't let go of!

  2. LOL! Here's my suggestion: Make a pile of his stuff that he hasn't touched in over 2 years. Tell him that all of this stuff is getting donated because he hasn't found it important enough in 2 years. The deal for him? He can keep one thing from the pile!

  3. just to let you know veggiemamad is me Katie in case you didn't know lol. but we have a shoe rack- but when will was little i had to put the shoes in the closet otherwise he would unload them all day. can you fit a shoe rack in your closet? or maybe one that goes over the door? i keep any out of season shoes or shoes i don't wear daily in my clothes closet in my room, and only keep my daily pairs by the door.

  4. I can't fit a shoe rack in the closet, but I do like the idea of it going over the door. The only problem is the way the door opens it wouldn't work, BUT it gave me an idea to see if I can somehow hook a shoe rack on the side wall of the closet. I will have to do some searching for shoe racks now! Thanks!