Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 9 - Sunshine & Toys

First let me just start by saying, WOW today was such a nice day outside!  If you're anything like me, you've been feeling cooped up all winter long, have had a handful of colds and other virus's spread throughout the family, and felt like every little thing that went wrong would make you snap!   So, I was soooo ready to get out in the healthy sunshine and feel those rays radiate through my skin and see my children go crazy at the playground instead of inside my living room!

Not only was it a fabulous day because of the warmth and sunshine but also because I finished another bag.  Not just any bag, but a tub.  Not just any tub, but one that is filled with some of my kids toys!  This is quite an accomplishment at my house, since we have toys of every shape and size in every room of our house that I have not been able to tear my kids away from.  This tub will be going in my "garage sale" pile up in my loft.  It is the start to a long next couple of days trying to get rid of more toys so that most toys are all in one room in my house, rather than spread out all over the place.  My plan is to have my house look like I can invite people in if a friend knocks on my door, which at this point is a laugh!  hahahahahaha

With winter comes lots of coldness, darkness, bad weather, and lots more toys to occupy my crazy kids!  I'm ready to say goodbye to winter.  Bring on the warmth, the light, the fantastic weather, the playgrounds, and the get-togethers!  Say hello to sunshine and goodbye to the toys!

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