Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 3 - The Deck

I wasn't home much today so I wasn't about to tackle anything too drastic.  I decided to work on cleaning the deck since it was a nice day.  It had just recently rained so there were a lot of leaves and sticks I wanted to clean up anyways.  Again, we have no garage, so we have the kids ride-ons covered up with tarp, a grill, a play slide, our table and chairs, a sandbox, and a storage box out on our deck.  I wish I could clear some of that, but knew that the kids use all of these things.  I did take a look in our little storage box (it's not pictured here) and found some old bubbles and toys to blow bubbles with that are useless b/c they never work right.  I also came across one of those plastic baby/toddler pools that was taking up virtually the whole box.  To all parents reading this: Never buy those plastic pools that fold up!  We used it once all last summer and it was such a hassle to fill up and empty and put away!  I still think the old little hard ones that we had when we were kids are the best!  Easier to empty and clean!  I also got rid of the old rug that we had placed right in front of the sliding doors leading to the deck b/c it's beyond cleaning to make it look good. 

The other bag contained my husband's washer game that he made a few years back to bring to Phillies and Eagles games.  It actually got used often for parties that we had.  Unfortunately it was left out in the rain too long and the wood rotted.  So my husband decided he couldn't part with it at the time and thought he would be able to clean it up (anyone else have a husband like this?), but continued to leave it outside all winter on our deck.  I was shocked when I suggested throwing them away and he agreed!  I think he finally realized that making new ones would be easier than trying to salvage these old moldy ones.  Again, it could just be that he knows I'll be blogging about it, but whatever the reason, they officially made its way to the trash bag! 
Day 3 - 2 bags, all "washered" up - What's on deck for Day 4?

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