Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today I decided to start out small so as not to get myself feeling defeated already.  So to start out small I will be starting in the smallest room in my house, the half bathroom.  I have taken a few pictures so you can see what I will be working on today.  Understand that it will take me all day to do one bag from this bathroom b/c I have 2 kids that need my undivided attention.  In the meantime, I wanted to share with you what I hope to accomplish by tonight.  We have a basket hanging over the sink that has "stuff" in it that I'm sure is really attractive for visitors.  After all, who doesn't like seeing someone else's hair in a comb/brush?  There's a cabinet over the sink that has expired medicine and more "stuff" that we never touch.  Who else has a hundred empty contact cases?  The cabinets under the sink are not organized at all.  Even on the sink we have more than what we should have sitting on it.  I mean how many candles does one need for one little bathroom?  Also, what's the deal with having a toilet paper roll attachment in our wall, but we are using a standing toilet paper roll holder instead?  We just haven't found the time to fix the wall one that always seems to fall apart.  But it should be one or the other, right?  Also, when you are looking for your kids shoes that seemed to disappear, be sure to check your bathroom!  Apparently it makes sense to them to take their shoes off there since that's also where their pee and poo go!  Anyways, it doesn't seem like a lot, which is the idea for the first day.  My advice, start out small today, and feel like you did something great!  I'll return to let you know how it all went down (no pun intended).

6:30pm - Day 1 Mission Accomplished!  I was able to clean out under my sink so that I could fit the kids stool in there, make the hanging basket only hold a few lotions and perfume, and the cabinet only contain necessary items like bandaids, boo-boo juice, and ointments.  I got rid of most of the candles on top of the sink and I made my husband finally fix the toilet paper roll holder on the wall!  Some of the interesting things I encountered along the way that are pictured above: Sun Tanning Oil expired in 2008, expired (REALLY OLD) Excedrin, Dramamine, nasal spray, and medicated eye drops, Glade odor thingy that we could never find refills for, a few contact cases, a candle I never used that doesn't smell like anything, little battery tea lights that don't work, sponge numbers that I suppose I held onto in case I wanted to do a paint project with the kids, cardboard tampons (I have never worn those so I'm not sure where they came from), and last but not least a pregnancy test stick that expires in April, and I'm pretty certain I won't be needing that.  Needless to say, I threw all of those items away and then some, as you can see in my #1 bag. 

While clearing out this clutter today, I was reminded of some things about myself.  I for one barely ever used that tanning oil b/c, let's face it, I am a red-headed pale woman who can't tan, but held onto it most likely as a way to escape that thought.  I held onto the sponge numbers b/c I have high goals to be a creative mother.  As for the pregnancy stick - it reminded me of the other one that came in the same box, and how shocked I was almost 2 years ago to find out I was pregnant with my second.  I guess I held onto the other one, just in case, with no knowledge of how difficult it is with two!  I am also so glad that I started this blog b/c it's the only way I was able to convince my husband to finally fix something!  While I threw all this "stuff" away, I also took the time to scrub the walls, floors, etc. which hadn't been done in a while.  I feel more than accomplished with my Day 1.  Now if only I could get the rain to stop coming in through my window sill....

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  1. That toilet paper holder on the wall has always bothered me too!