Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 34 - Less Than a Week Left!

There's not much to say other than I'm still going strong!  Today I mastered rummaging through the kitchen cabinets and throwing away old medicine, vitamins, cereal boxes, expired cans of food, etc.  Along the way I re-organized the cabinets, which certainly takes a long time!  So with the Kitchen/Dining Room Area, I managed to get a bag full of stuff to throw away and a bag full of stuff to keep for the yard sale.  The bag for the yard sale was full of plastic cups and ceramic coffee mugs (we have too much of each) and cotton placemats that I just never get around to using so it would be better in someone else's place. 

After all of that I did end up with an hour to spare while my Mom continued watching the wee ones for me, so I finally finished my jewelry box and threw some more out and put more away for the sale.  My jewelry is now organized in my armoire so nice and neat and I know where to look for something now!  In fact, I found my precious key necklace with mine and my family's birthstones in it that I thought I lost forever!  Turns out it was just hidden under a pile of other necklaces!  I also went through my sons' room (they share a room) and their closet and made 2 more large bags of clothes/baby & toddler items for the yard sale.

So all in all I got 4 bags done!  I wouldn't have been able to do it without my Mom being around to help!  I am hoping that it will be nice out tomorrow and I will get a chance to go through my car and get a bag of trash/miscellaneous items out of there before I head out to work!  On day 31 I had 30 bags and now I have 34!  Now I need to just be diligent about doing one bag a day and I will have those 40 bags finished on my 40th day! 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 31 - Almost Done!

Bag full everything - lotions, perfumes, boxes, etc.

Broken wagon from the garden and broken bucket

20 year old Range/Oven & Hood

On day 29 I was falling behind, I had added 3 bags in the course of a week, which put me at 25 bags.  The first bag pictured above was a part of my bedroom/bathroom cleaning that was included in those 3 bags. 

Yesterday I spent hours going through my jewelry armoire.  I still need a few more hours to organize and decide what to throw out, give away, and keep.  I have so much jewelry and barely ever go out of my way to change my jewelry around.  Most days I wear the same sterling silver necklace, earrings, and rings.  I love the idea of jewelry but just don't get too many chances these days to dress myself up.  My two boys had a blast dressing themselves in my jewelry though.  While I was trying to organize, I later found thrown beaded necklaces on my bed, their bed, the bathroom, etc.  As soon as I work on one thing, the kids go and make something else for me to work on!  haha  Anyways, so I made a trash bag yesterday of really old jewelry, 2 pairs of sunglasses, and 3 dead watches (all from my armoire) and a box filled with items to sell at the yard sale.  I am counting the bag and the box as 2, as I know that I still have some more to do and will probably fill another bag and more in the box when I finally finish.

Today we switched out our really old stove for a new one, which I am totally counting b/c it was a huge burden, along with our other appliances, that was eating away at our electric bill.  I posted the oven on Craigslist and someone came today and picked it up!  So I am rid of that - 1 bag!  We also took the matching hood down and threw that out b/c we'll be getting an over the oven microwave tomorrow.  Scrap begone - 2 bags!  While we were cleaning the old oven outside, I played with my little garden a bit as well, and that's where I decided to throw away the cute little flower pot wagon I had in my garden.  My husband hated the thing from day one b/c it was, quite frankly, cheaply made.  As you can see in the picture, the bottom of it finally gave way so there wasn't much use for it anymore.  I also found a broken little bucket behind my bush.  So that makes 3 bags! 

In two days, I have totalled 5 bags worth of stuff!  So that puts me at 30 bags in 31 days!  WooHoo!  40 Days is almost here!  I really need to be on my toes now to keep up with the rest of my bags each day! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011


So I have been working really hard in my bedroom and bathroom, but just haven't found the time to REALLY wreak havoc enough to get 7 more bags in the last week.  I did clean out my bathroom completely and filled a bag with more old lotions, deoderants, creams, contact cases (seriously can't believe how many we had), cleaning products, and a few washcloths full of the dog hair & gunk I scrubbed off the floor and off of our shower glass doors.  Does anyone else have sliding glass doors in their shower?  They are the most ridiculous things to clean!  I scrub and scrub and the scum still doesn't come off and trying to get the gross mineral residue out of the cracks from the slides at the bottom, top and sides are just near impossible!  I literally spent an hour trying to get every last hint of that yucky brown stuff off of them until I couldn't feel my arms anymore and then my mom went in for a try. 

As for the bedroom, I worked on clearing off my dressers and went through some more clothing to be given away and found some more items for the yard sale.  I have a whole huge bag full of old belts, old hair accessories, old jewelry, old socks, old perfume, old lotions, old burp cloths, old diaper pail bags, and a bunch of jewelry boxes that I would just keep some of my jewelry in and was surprised to find how many of them I could consolidate and didn't need.  There's some other stuff I know I'm forgetting right now as well, but I'll mention when I post the pics.  So all of that organizing led to another bag.

Yesterday I went through my refrigerator/freezer and decided to organize that better.  I had a whole bag of expired foods and leftovers that were tossed to the back to get rid of.  The kicker was by far the container of pumpkin seeds we had saved b/c we thought maybe we could find some recipe where we could use them, and then obviously never did as I found them and thought to myself how long these pumpkin seeds have been there (when do you usually carve pumpkins?).

So I guess I really only have about 3 bags to show for all of that - oh and another bag of stuff for the yard sale, so I'm technically falling behind as we are on day 29.  I need to catch up fast!  Maybe I'll get more time this weekend?  Stay tuned for some pics that I didn't have time to load and hopefully some more bags!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Nail Polish Winners Are:

MichelleH & Lover of Hope!  The only two people who commented!  MichelleH - I know who you are and where to send it to.  Lover of Hope - I need your info. and where to send your prize!  Thanks for playing ladies and leaving comments on my post!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


My awesome steam mop that doesn't work anymore!

So geez, it's been a while!  I think the hardest part about this challenge is writing the blog.  haha  Anyways, it keeps me on my toes.  I was getting so frustrated that I haven't had a lot of time lately to do much and to write everything out that I've been doing.  Meanwhile, Day 15 went by and I haven't posted anything of true significance in over a week!  So we're at day 22 - I now have 14 bags that left my house, a mop (pictured above) that I count as a bag, two tubs of clothes that went home to my Mom in her large storage closet, and app. 3 tubs and 2 bags full of clothes/toys/etc for the yard sale that I hope to have on April 16 to mark the end of my 40 days!  So if I tally all of that together I have 22 bags!  Wow!  I literally just counted that out while writing this!  How cool is that?!  I have several other things I have been working on also in my bedroom, which is just taking a while, b/c it's a lot of little stuff that requires some time looking through and soul-searching.  Here are some pics of what I've been working on:

What the top of my dresser looked like (still working on it)

We haven't used this to put diapers and baby stuff in, but other junk.

A box full of hair items and a basket of belts

Hair clips that have balloons and my name printed on them (totally cool if I was 3yr. old) and a dance leg warmer that I held onto to remind myself of what I used to be!

This stuff was found in a cute bag pictured below, cat toys (we haven't had a cat in 2 years), toilet covers (what good are they in a bag in my room), a pair of contacts, and yet another tampon.  All of these things belong somewhere other than a bag stored away under my lamp in my room.

My bag and basket completely empty now!

A cute little bag I came across that I was going to throw out and decided to use it to put our stray socks in.

So this is just some of the stuff I've been working on, slowly and quietly, and I'll show you the end results when I am completely finished!  I'll be away for a few days again, so you won't hear from me for a bit, but when I come back I hope to announce the winner to the nail polish give-away and have some more pics to show you of my bedroom and my progress.  In the meantime, I hope some of these pics give some of you more inspiration for something else to work on in your house. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Catching Up!

I had a really busy weekend, so I have a lot to catch up on starting first thing tomorrow!  I'm going to have to do several bags so stay tuned!  In the meantime, click on the "Who Wants To Win Nail Polish" post and enter yourself in the random drawing to win some new nail polish to swap out the old!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Who wants to win Nail Polish?

Ladies (or some men I guess), I'm feeling generous today! Take the poll (right beside this post) about nail polish, and then leave me a comment under this post with your name and your favorite brand of nail polish. When the poll ends in one week, I will pick a winner at random to win a little bag of new nail polish (trying to do things to help some of you get rid of the old).  Good Luck!